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Assessment Practices to Enhance Learning

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 Assessment Practices to Enhance Learning


Day 1: How can we use assessments FOR learning?

Understanding Assessments, Rubrics and Grading.pdf Powerpoint presentation from Day 1.

All About Accountability - Popham.pdf

Day 1 handout.doc

Helping Students Understand Assessment.pdf


Day 2: How can we involve students in learning?

Assessment Practices to Enhance Learning Day2.pdf 

Assessment design.doc

Stiggins DVD Guide.doc



Day 3: How do we communicate with parents? The community?

day 3.pdf

Kohn on grading.pdf

discussion for Kohn article.pdf

Grading Scenarios.pdf



Additional Resources:

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Stiggins, Richard J. (2000) Student Involved Classroom Assessment. 3rd Edition.  Prentice Hall.

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