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Blog Sites for Social Studies

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 Blog Sites for Social Studies


Blogs, short for weblogs, are places for you to post your thoughts, comments, questions to a larger audience (your classroom if kept private, the world if not) and get comments in return.


The best way to figure out how blogging works is to read the blogs of others.  Not just blogs on history - but on any topic at all.  Get a sense of the purpose for the blog, how the author writes, what they write about, how often they write.  You can start with these by social studies teachers:


Teachers blogging about teaching

A History Teacher

Teaching in the 21st Century


Teachers blogging about history

Blog Them Out of the Stone Age 

History is Elementary 

American Presidents Blog 

Blog 4 History: American and Civil War History 


Teachers blogging for their students

Articulations - AP US History

The Guerrilla Season Book Blog

Social Studies Meets IT - Check out the student blogs on the right


Collaborating with other classrooms

Hidden Histories

Seeing Ourselves Through Others



To read more about blogs or to read blogs related to other content areas, go here.



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