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DBQ Writing Workshop

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DBQ Writing Institute

July 30-31, 2007



Day 1 Resources:


Social Studies Instructional Strategies and Resources: Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6 (NYSED document)


List of critical skills needed to answer Document Based Questions (group generated):

  • Reading (for information, to draw conclusions, understanding the genre of "the task")
  • Interpreting charts, graphs, photos
  • Vocabulary (key social studies vocabulary, context clues to understand if confusing word is critical to make meaning)
  • Distinguishing important information
  • Identifying key words/ideas
  • Summarize
  • WRITE!
  • Background knowledge
  • Skills from other content area i.e. math


Resources for Using Primary Sources in the Classroom.doc List of Internet resources to find primary sources for use in the classroom.


Franklins docs.doc  Benjamin Franklin related documents for use with John, Paul, George and Ben by Lane Smith.

Document References2.doc  List of annotated references for Franklin documents above.



Day 2 Resources:


Travels of Lewis and Clark.doc Primary source sample for Summary/Response writing strategy adapted from Strategies that Work, 2nd Edition (Harvey & Goudvais)


I Spy Worksheet.doc Copy of powerpoint with links to documents used in the I Spy activity.

I spy questions.pdf Questions connected to documents in I Spy activity.



DBQ Activities We Created


Grant Opportunities for DBQ resources

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