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Grant Opportunities for DBQ resources

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Grant Ideas – Places that provide opportunities to support your DBQs

1.  Your teacher center – check to see when grants are due.  Web sites:  Erie Catt Teacher Center and Chautauqua County Teachers' Center



2. MAC grants - McDonald's provides grants of up to $250 to support hands-on learning in your classroom.  McDonald's local web page



3. Field Trips to enhance your student learning experiences - $1,000 Grant from Target Click Here


4. Dollar General provides a variety of grants to support your library and literacy programs.  You can emphasis the need for the visual literacy experience of your students when providing DBQs to support the curriculum and include supporting materials that would be housed in the library collection.  Click Here For Details


5.  Charles LaFitte Foundation - you begin by sending a brief one page proposal.  The foundation focus includes:  The Foundation provides support for innovative programs aimed at resolving social service issues, assisting students with learning disabilities, providing technology and computer based education, creating access to education of the arts, supporting at-risk children from pre-school to college and providing learning enhancement, including the development of leadership skills.  The Foundation has no deadlines or standard forms. We prefer concise, well-organized proposals. In no case should the body of the proposal exceed 10 double-spaced pages. The Foundation prefers proposals sent by e-mail. A brief letter of inquiry, rather than a fully developed proposal, is an advisable first step for an applicant, conserving his or her time and allowing for a preliminary response regarding the possibility of support.  More information click here  Consider a grant proposal that supports your DBQs opportunities to assist all types of students and it will enhance the learning experience. 


6. ING Unsung Heroes - Great Opportunity to fund a project that is: 

  • Innovative method
  • Creativity
  • Ability to positively influence the students
    Deadline in Spring for up $2,000 grants and more!  Click Here For Details

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