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Participant Developed DBQ materials

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 Participant Developed DBQs


Determining Wants and Needs (Kindergarten): Use following reading "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie," to lead discussion on whether (and when!) items might be a want vs. a need.  Developed by Anne Purcell, Silver Creek CSD.



Families Then and Now DBQ: Using photos from Jamestown, developed by Karen O'Connor, Lakeshore CSD.



Transportation DBQ: Understanding the role of transportation, developed by Kathy Kirschler and Ashley Mertle, North Collins CSD.



Comparing Communities: Geography - Comparing Acapulco, Mexico and Venice, Italy and why people would settle there.  Developed by Dave Burghstahler, North Collins CSD.



Aztec Information (Grade 5) : To be used to introduce unit on Aztecs, including photographs.  Developed by Julia Harford, Silver Creek CSD.





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