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RAFTS and Cubing

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 RAFTS and Cubing


This workshop was designed to "go deeper" into these differentiated instruction strategies and allow participants to create RAFTS and cubes to take back to the classroom and use immediately!!


Going Deeper with DI-RAFTS and Cubing.pdf PowerPoint presentation


Before Lunch.doc Document containing link to Learning Styles survey and interactive RAFTS site


Materials on RAFTS:


What is RAFT.doc

brainstorming organizer - raft.doc

product choices chart.doc

RAFT writing samples.pdf


Materials on Cubing:



Cube templage.doc



THINK DOTS template.doc 





Kagan Online: For information on cubes!!

Reading Quest: Graphic organizers for a social studies site but applicable anywhere!!


Created by you!!!!

These RAFTS and cubes were created by the participants in the May 2007 workshop.  Please give credit to the creator(s) if you use in your classroom!!


Rafting the American Revolution: Created by a dynamic team of Brocton CSD teachers, this seventh grade RAFT incorporates student reading of The Fighting Ground by Avi to understand the different perspectives during war.



Slavery RAFT: Created by the powerful partnership between two East Aurora UFSD teachers, this fifth grade RAFT will be used in conjunction with literature examining the different perspectives surrounding slavery in the Civil War era.

Slavery RAFT.doc


A Classy RAFT: Created by an ingenius music teacher from Ripley CSD, this RAFT appropriate for middle school incorporates research on Mozart with a RAFT.  Brava!

The CLASSICAl era is so classy.doc


Al Capone Think Dots: Designed by a clever fifth grade teacher from East Aurora UFSD, this Think Dot sheet accompanies the book "Al Capone Does My Shirts" by Gennifer Choldenko.

Al Capone Think Dots.doc


Reading Comprehension Think Dots: The product of collaboration between two awesome special education teachers from Brocton CSD and East Aurora CSD, this sheet can be used with just about any book!! Great minds do think alike!!

Reading Comp Think Dots.doc



Music Think Dots and Cubes: Our music teacher from Ripley was on a roll!! Check out all she created for her music history class!!

Middle Ages Music Think Dots.doc

Music Antiquity Think Dots.doc

Baroque Music Think Dots.doc

Music History Cube.doc

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