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Strategies for the Elementary Social Studies Assessment

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Strategies for the Elementary Social Studies Assessment

October 2, 2007



Hey brain.doc Used to help activate background knowledge on a topic prior to sharing documents.  We used this with the postcards and artifacts from Colonial Williamsburg in the workshop, but it can also be done with photos/journal entries related to a text (i.e. Diary of Anne Frank) or by cutting apart the pieces of previous DBQs.



Marzano Academic Vocabulary Template.doc 

Using the Academic Vocabulary Notebook Template.doc

StudentWorksheet Marzano sample.pdf

Vocabulary notebook sheets for students that allow them to determine how well they know a word, describe it and represent it in any other form that works for them.  We shared these after we discussed students using a copy of an old assessment as their workbook and highlighting vocabulary words that were unfamiliar to them or that they did not know well.


PLAN AND LABEL.doc Reading strategy that has students "chunk" their reading (and observation of pictures!) in order to get the details.  We used this after the "quadrant" activity using photos to scaffold the instruction.





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