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Wiki Sites for Social Studies

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 Wiki Sites for Social Studies


Wikis are unlike traditional web-pages in that they are meant to be created collaboratively (think Wikipedia!)  Short for wiki-wiki (the Hawaiian word for "fast"), wikis are easily created and edited.  You won't need to know any complicated codes or web language.


In education, wikis have been used in several ways:


To co-create a learning page for a course:

Studying Societies at JHK

Dorman Data Digest

Wiki Learning Project 

Welker's Wikinomics 


As a classroom information page:

HWP Social Studies

CMS Wiki 


For classroom projects:

Social Studies B page

SFX Wiki 

On the Trail of the First People 

Holocaust Wiki Project 

Political Parties and Elections 


Collaborating with other classrooms:

Collaborative Videoconferencing

Social Studies Wiki Project 


For additional information on wikis in education, visit my other wiki space for background and some interesting video as well as links to wikis in other content areas. 



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