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Writing in Social Studies

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Writing in Social Studies


As a topic for discussion, the forum group wanted to discuss what people are doing in their classrooms with writing including but not limited to DBQs.


A. McAvoy(Pine Valley) began by sharing the Countries of the World project done in her district (see her website for project and requirements.)  Trying to focus on writing that is not just essays.  The district uses Step Up to Writing so much of her DBQ resources reference those strategies. 


S. Parobek (North Collins) shared that she is having students in seventh grade do letters from a particular viewpoint in history using facts in order to prepare students for skills needed in writing DBQs.   Her eighth graders are doing "Biography in a Bag" where students tell about their person and have a physical prompt (evidence) in the bag. 


K. Beckstrom (Jamestown) shared that the district is trying to agree on a K-12 writing model that spins off of Step Up to Writing because of concerns from high school ELA teachers about the notion of a 5 paragraph essay being the only form of essay.  Working on using technology to assist with writing in the content areas; for example, using Today's Meet to have students interact around political cartoons.


J. Patterson (E2CCB) shared about a project where her students took historical figures and created Facebook pages for them.


R. Francis (OP)  shared from the Putnam Northern Westchester site some ideas about writing letters, research, persuasive letters, question/answer dialogues, paraphrasing historical documents as methods of getting students to write.





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