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December 16, 2010

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Social Studies Forum -December 16.doc


Updates from SED

Information on the PARCC assessments (currently ELA and Math)

Survey on Draft to Teaching Standards


Winter 2010 Time & Place from NYSCSS 


Resources from Teaching Islam Workshop


Understanding the "Big Idea" Structure

Effective Teaching Strategies that Accomodate Diverse Learners

Human Rights Video link


Sharing Theme: Teaching Multiple Perspectives


Unchained Memories (DVD) - Re-enactment of slave narratives collected as WPA project

Birth of a Nation

The Broken Spears (book) - Aztec Account of Conquest of Mexico

Excerpt from NYSED site!


Meiji Restoration Webquest


George Washington's Socks (book)

Reader's Guide (J. MacSwan - SGI) George Washington Socks Readers Guide.pdf


Western Front Simulation: Would you have made a good officer?


Hammurabi's Court Simulation (G. Miller - SGI)


The White Man's Burden



The Boston Massacre (S.Chudy - OP) The Boston Massacre.docx


World War I and Treaty of Versailles (C. Markham - Falconer)


Debate Structure on Current Events

View T. Nelson's Blog





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